Using IMDB codes with Squire

Often we get a lot of emails asking How I should name my files in order to be well recognized by Squire? How I should prepare my library ? What I have to do?. Answer is simple: nothing.

Like we said on many times, Squire’s file recognition is an automated system, with zero configuration. The algorithms we’re developing let us detect the movie without forcing the user to follow very hard rules or naming conventions. We know these systems are far from perfect, and we have a lot of work ahead. The intelligence inside of an algorithm is limited with a few exceptions like R2D2, C3PO, Kitt or Robocop (well, this one is half man so it doesn’t count).

But truth is we wanted to give our users an alternative way to make sure the movies or tv show will get well recognized always, using IMDB codes. Each movie, tv show and even individual episodes have one, and it can be seen at the end of the URL as the image below illustrates.

  • Movies: add the IMDB code and name it like you wish (The Karate Kid tt1155076.avi).
  • TV Shows: you can either add the IMDB code for the show (house 4×06 tt0412142.avi) or for an individual episode (house 4×06 tt1123416.avi). Have in mind this is part is not available on the current build.

That simple ;) .


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