Big changes on Squire 0.4

With the Squire version 0.3, we started from zero regarding the base code. We’re still in alpha, but it was a necessary thing if we wanted to prepare it for future updates and the functionality we’re going to add. A lot of new code, a lot of new processes, a new recognition system, a new database… we knew it was going to take a while, and that’s the primary reason for taking so long to send you an update from the 0.21 release. Of course a lot of new stuff means a lot of bugs and things to be fixed. Sometimes you have to take a step backward to make two steps forward. A mandatory toll.

So, changes?

  • The video player performance has been –dramatically– improved. We’re really hoping this fixes the majority of the problems you have been having.
  • We’ve added rewind/forward functionality using Apple remote or keyboard. Still needs work, but it’s a beginning.
  • Improved the performance of Home module.
  • Some graphical adjustments in certain resolutions.
  • Emotional filters. We talked about them here. To use them, in the cover flow view just press down arrow on a keyboard or volume down on your Apple remote.
  • A lot of small bug fixes our beloved testers have been reporting. Thank you, guys!.

The recognition problems

We’re already working on version 0.5. Now it’s time to work on the recognition algorithms and make them work –almost– perfect. We’d really love if you could send us and email with the following information.

Note: before send us reports, please read here and optionally here. To make this task easier for you, if you press F, Squire will display the IMDB code and the entire file name.

If the movie was recognized wrong:

  • File name, extension, file size and duration. Example: The Karate Kid (2010).avi, 4.5GB, 90 minutes. We’d appreciate the IMDB code too.
  • IMDB code of the wrongly recognized movie.

If the movie is not showing up on Squire:

  • File name, extension, file size and duration. Example: The Karate Kid (2010).avi, 4.5GB, 90 minutes. Again, we’d appreciate the IMDB code too.

For TV Shows:

Info needed here is the same as for movies, with the exception of the IMDB code.

Thank you

It’s been some awesome months seeing Squire getting better and stronger. The community is getting bigger and bigger and sincerely we couldn’t be happier. Thanks for giving us your support, please have a bit more of patience, we’re just three people trying to do it the best we can, but as soon as we go public we’’ll try to find a way to push Squire to another level.


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