About Luxylight

We launched Luxylight many months ago, and since then more than 70.000 people across 40 different countries have downloaded it. It was our first application and we wanted something simple to get started into the iOS world.

There is no doubt that Luxylight is the most beautiful flashlight application in the world. We created it with the belief that even on a simple application there is room for improvement on the graphics and user experience.

Apart from basic functionality like flashlight, strobe light, and a S.O.S. we have Lock screen. This is particularly great because you can enable it and forget about accidentally touching your device, turning off the light or changing to another function.

Luxylight currently is iAd supported and available only on the iPhone 4. With our latest update we included a small change in the behavior of the application, highly requested by our users: turn on the light immediately after opening the application.

I want Luxylight Pro!

We don’t see here too much room for improvement, and of course, we don’t want to include a lot of useless stuff just to justify the Pro version. With such a beautiful interface the only ‘feature’ we can think on is the absence of advertising. If you don’t like it and you want to support us, you will be able to remove them soon with an in-app purchase. If not, thanks for using our app!. Remember you can follow @luxylightapp on twitter to get fresh updates.

Don’t you have it yet? Go get it on the app store, it’s free.