An emotional movie filtering

One of the features many users have requested is a way to filter movies. This is particularly great when you have a big library. We wanted to make it ala Squire-way, so that implies simplicity and effortless use. We have in the works some interesting things to solve this problem, and one of them is a more human filtering solution.

Squire database has more than twenty categories for movies and we have the power to use all this data to create interesting stuff. As humans, we’re moved by emotions, so giving you a long list of categories don’t seem to be a good approach. And you know, users don’t read.

When you are going to watch a movie, you have no idea about what you want to see. Or if you do, it’s highly conditioned by your current mood and situation. For instance, if you are with your family you might want to see something funny, and most importantly, for all audiences. If you’re with friends, get some laughs sounds like a good idea. Maybe it’s a girls night? definitively a love history. Or imagine it’s a rainy saturday and your lights are off, perfect atmosphere for a scary movie.

Having in mind this variables, we thought we could make the filtering system significantly transparent for the user, fun and intuitive. In resume, more human.

We came up with around eight to ten emotional filters but we’re keeping them as a surprise. Currently we’re testing an internal build with this functionality and doing some usability tests.

We’re planning to add this in the next alpha version 0.4, we can’t promise it but we’ll do our best.


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